Jesper Eriksen

Postdoctoral Fellow

University of Copenhagen

I am a Postdoc at the EduQuant research unit and the Department of Sociology at the University of Copenhagen. My research focus on economics of education, and social mobility.

I received my PhD from Aalborg University Business School in 2021 and have previously been a Visiting Fellow at the Department of Social Policy, LSE (Apr-Jun, 2022) and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government (2018-2019), and a visiting PhD fellow at the Center for Economic Behavior and Inequality, University of Copenhagen (Oct-Nov, 2019). I have also worked as a researcher at the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, and as a Short Term Consultant for The World Bank.


  • Economics of Education
  • Social Mobility


Ongoing Research

Returns to Education and Socioeconomic Background (with Kristian Bernt Karlson)

Causal Grandparents? (with Mads Meier Jæger and Kristian Bernt Karlson)

Refugees and Intergenerational Mobility

  • Presentations: Harvard Visiting Fellows Seminar 2018, IKE seminar 2020.

Screening and Peer Effects in Apprenticeship Programs (with Shaun Dougherty)

  • Presentations: APPAM International 2019; CVER Conference 2019; 2019 Cedefop/OECD Joint Symposium on Apprenticeships; Department of Social Policy, LSE, 2022; Center for Economic Performance, Skill and Education Work in Progress seminar, 2022, Rockwool Foundation Research Unit, 2022.


Firm Innovation and Continuing Education. Eriksen J. & J. R. Holm (2021). In Globalization, New and Emerging Technologies, and Sustainable Development – The Danish Innovation System in Transition, Routledge.

The Geography of Intergenerational Mobility - Danish Evidence. Eriksen, J. & M. D. Munk (2020). Economics Letters, Vol. 189, 109024

Time-Series Cross-Section Analyser i Komparativ Politisk Økonomi. Eriksen J. & S. Etzerodt (2018). Metode og Forskningsdesign, Vol. 3.