Jesper Eriksen

PhD Fellow (Stipendiat)

Aalborg University

I am a PhD Fellow at Aalborg University, working in Labor and Education Economics. My research focus on apprenticeship markets, intergenerational mobility, and continuing education. In recent research, I investigate the effects of refugee inflows on natives intergenerational mobility, peer effects in apprenticeship training programs following the introduction of a GPA cut-off, and the effect on firm innovation performance from providing workers with continuing education such as MBAs and MPAs.

In the academic year 2018-2019 I was a Visiting Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and in Fall of 2019 a Visiting PhD Fellow at CEBI, University of Copenhagen. I have also presented my research at the OECD, and been a consultant for The World Bank.


  • Labor Economics
  • Economics of Education
  • Intergenerational Mobility


Ongoing Research

Refugees and Intergenerational Mobility

  • Abstract: This paper investigates the causal effect of refugee inflows on native children’s intergenerational mobility. To do so, I use as exogenous refugee shock a Danish refugee allocation mechanism in place from 1986 to 1998 which randomly assigned refugees to municipalities at differential rates over time. Using this variation I estimate the effects on intergenerational mobility, the expected income rank of children conditional on parents income rank, for children growing up in above and below median share of refugees to 1986 population. Children from lower-income families who grow up in municipalities with above median shares of refugees in general fare worse than those from below median municipalities. For children born to parents at the 25th income percentile, the effect is 1.8 percentage point difference in expected family income ranks in adulthood, or approximately $2,100. Children from high income rank families are not affected. The results suggest that in designing refugee policies, care should be taken to consider potential long term effects of refugee allocations also on native children, and in particular that it might be beneficial for both refugees and natives if refugees are allocated according to available local resources.
  • Presentations: Harvard Visiting Fellows Seminar 2018, IKE seminar 2020.
  • (Working paper available upon request)

Screening and Peer Effects in Apprenticeship Programs (with Shaun Dougherty)

  • Presentations: APPAM International 2019, CVER 2019 at the LSE, 2019 Cedefop/OECD Joint Symposium on Apprenticeships 2019.

Firm Innovation and Continuing Education (With Jacob Rubæk Holm)

  • Presentations: DRUID Academy 2019.
  • Resubmitted (Working paper available upon request)


Eriksen, J. & M. D. Munk (2020). The Geography of Intergenerational Mobility - Danish Evidence, Economics Letters, Vol. 189, 109024

Eriksen J. & S. Etzerodt (2018). Time-Series Cross-Section Analyser i Komparativ Politisk Økonomi, Metode og Forskningsdesign, Vol. 3.